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  • EdenConnie : Prom Dresses, As we know that, when we are going to have a wedding event, we will use wedding dresses, and we will have bridesmaid, bridesmaid dresses. Being asked to be a bridesmaid can also be a huge expense. Depending on the wedding's location, theme and budget, it's quite possible you may end up spending $1,000 or more for the privilege. Many people do not have in mind how much the bridesmaid dress will cost, and how much can we spend on.
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Photo: Courtesy of Mizz Nina Productions

5 Mins with Mizz Nina

We scored an exclusive interview with Mizz Nina, the talented singer and the lucky gal from Malaysia who gets to share the stage with Justin Bieber for the coming MTV World Stage. Find out what's her latest album all about, who is she interested to collaborate with next, her fashion tip for jetsetters and many more!

By Saarah Jasmine.

QI have dry skin with some lines that make me look older than my age. What can I do to combat this?
QAs an air stewardess, I work in an environment that has resulted in my hair frizzing up. Are there any methods for me to fix my hair?
QI’m a girlie girl who loves floral prints and soft textures. How should I break out of my fashion comfort zone?
QMy outfits are predictable and mostly in black. How should I change my office wardrobe without spending too much money?

What IT gadgets do you recommend I get to help me stay connected while on the go? 

QI want to treat my colleagues to a great dinner. Where can I find good food in a restaurant with a great ambience without blowing my budget?
QI've heard that yoga can improve my sex life. Is there any truth in this, or is it an urban myth?
QMy boyfriend just left Singapore to study in Australia. What are some ways I can keep the relationship alive?
QI’m afraid of taking vitamin pills because I have difficulty swallowing them. What other alternatives are there to pills?
QI'm considering turning vegetarian for health reasons. Where's a good place to tuck into a good vegetarian meal?
QI have tanned skin but I’m very keen on wearing coloured contact lenses. Which shades would best suit my skin tone?
QHelp! Are there any proven home remedies for hair loss control?
QHow can I wear a long skirt without feeling that my lower body look shorter?
QWhich dress cut is right for apple figures?
QI have a huge crush on my senior and there’s a rumour that he’s engaged. Do I tell him how I feel?
QHow to remember names easily?
QI am getting married to a guy who is from a broken family. I’m afraid our future will be the same. I need advice.
QI love heels but my BFFs think they make me way too tall and no guys will want to approach me. How?
QI have smelly feet. I’ve tried all sorts of sprays but nothing has worked. I’m desperate!
QI have a problem with period consistency. I’m not sure what the problem is, and sometimes it drags for three months. What should I do?
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