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Banana Taipei: You Gotta Own It
2012.03.25 00:56:06

do u know what's Banane Taipei?

There's something yellow, something chic, something that's hitting Asia with tote bags that looked like Birkins (and they have lawsuits to prove that). Hermes, a luxury French brand said these bags are infringing their trademark and copyright. However Banane Taipei denied the accusations and they're still going strong now, making waves in Asia and in the US. Who can turn away from these cute bags? They are relatively cheaper, they're eco-friendly, they're handmade (yes! only 6 bags are produced in an hour), they're created by a group of Taiwanese teenagers who love fashion and found a way to let everyone enjoy a Birkin without paying a hefty price for it. A cult fashion hit.

And I say before Hermes wins the lawsuit, you better get a Banane Taipei bag now before it's gone.

the story . the love . the bag


from shop to your doorsteps

(watch the Banana Taipei video)



 only 6 made in an hour

the Banana Taipei Party August, 2011

pre-order long Q (Taiwan) rain or shine

Royal Green, Bubble Purple, Fairy Silver n Monster Black

Lavender Grey, Champagne Grey, French Honey Camel n Mystique Brown

12 Colors For The Year

limited edition Banane Yellow

 Lavender Grey for the Sophisticated

French Honey Camel n Champagne Grey

(perfect for Office Ladies)

Tiffany Blue pair it with your Tiffany Ring

Sweet Pink for those Sugar Babies

a must have for any fashionista

 celebrities n media raves about it

Now that you have seen the story of how a bag became a fashion cult hit in Asia (and other countries) you'd be asking me, WHERE CAN I GET ONE TOO? the answer is easy yet tough. Banana Taipei Malaysia sent me pm one day asking me to review the bag. First question in my mind was, what is Banana Taipei? and why people are going crazy over it. I googled and ran through websites, blogs and even online shops selling these bags. Some are originals and some are questionable (beware!). Finally by the end of my research, I have become a Banana Taipen fan. I got to have one. For reasons such as I can't afford a Birkin, I wanted to support the craze, I wanted to own something everyone loves, I wanted to be in the in-crowd showing off my Banana Taipei. Heck even the name is so cute. Whatever the reason is, I wanted one and so I finally receive my bag by courier a few days ago.

 don't have to wait 2-5 months anymore

(just contact Banana Taipei Msia)

 OMG! it's a limited edition color

(comes with dust bag, sticker, manual)

can't believe I have a "Birkin" now

original or your money back!

BANANE TAIPEI loves the idea of combining Taiwan's creative, unique and humorous ideas to create a great product. In the spring of 2010, a group of local designers took upon themselves to convey the spirit of Taiwan, and so BANANE TAIPEI was created. BANANE TAIPEI’s determination to fashion is the perfect combination of environmental protection awareness and respect to the local traditional industries. BANANE TAIPEI products are not only limited to creative performance, but are full of love towards the Earth. 100% HAND MADE, WHOLE NATURAL, NON-TOXIC MATERIALS, 100% EARTH FRIENDLY. 100% MADE IN TAIWAN!

watch me talk about Banana Taipei

(and how to spot an original)

 manual, tags and sticker

manual chop - proof of purchase

how to spot an original


Exclusive Discount For Plusizekitten Readers!

For more inquiries or you have decided to own a Banana Taipei bag drop a comment/pm to Jamie, Banana Taipei MY (FB) or e-mail with the e-mail subject: PLUSIZEKITTEN READER PROMO. A RM50 discount is given to my readers and it is inclusive of courier charges. The bags are 100% Authentic or your money back! Imagine you don't need to Q up at Taiwan or wait 2-5 months for your bags to arrive. At Banana Taipei Msia (FB) you can get it after a few days of placing order Smile

*discount not applicable for ongoing promotions or in house promotions.




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